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Here are just some of the testimonials I have received over the years from satisfied clients, patients, students, and readers. 

Hi Karen,
THANK YOU for presenting and exhibiting with us this year [at the EVAWI Annual Conference]. Your class was fantastic and I heard really amazing feedback about it. In fact, one woman told me that she hasn’t taken a yoga or breathwork class in over 20 years because she associated it to some past trauma. She said she finally felt safe enough to participate in your class and loved it.
Thank you!
Jacque Bassett, Chief Operating Officer, End Violence Against Women International (EVAWI)

The most valuable thing about working with Dr. Van Ness is the health coaching she provides. She has helped me organize and better understand the medications I'm on, what my blood work and other tests actually mean, and help navigate discussions with my specialists. And her treatments leave me feeling wonderful! I've improved from stage 4 to stage 3 kidney disease and have more energy than I've had in years. 

-Elaine Kelley, Leander, TX

I had a tough round of illness and injury that left me incapacitated for almost two weeks. I was taking medication prescribed by the docs but was still struggling. I had several sessions with Karen that undoubtedly assisted in speeding up my healing. This treatment, albeit unconventional in western medicine, absolutely works.

-Elizabeth D., Lago Vista, TX

With my first appointment I learned so much about the cause of my chronic pain and IBS. After first treatment I felt a significant difference and I have been doing the exercises and made a few diet changes that Karen recommended. All I can say is Wow! I feel more energetic, no pain, and I have hope again. Karen explains everything very well especially the energetics. I am recommending Karen to my friends.

-Amy Petrikov, Cedar Park, TX

I *LOVE* the Qigong class! It has made such a difference in how I feel - plus it's fun.

-Kristin Jones, Austin TX

Please schedule more Qigong classes. This is a great class which benefits the body and mind. 

-Brenfy Rogers, Austin TX

Good morning Karen,

Just a note of thanks...Your Qigong class has really helped me start to learn breathing and meditation. Your approach is not intimidating for someone like me with no background in Eastern martial arts or Eastern medicine. Even if I can remember to incorporate a few deep, long breaths when things get emotional, it is a win! :)

Have a great Saturday, and know your time and talents are appreciated-

-Amy Kay Brown

Hi Karen:

I just checked your Qigong program updates and am very impressed. Your summary of course material is excellent and based on your Uechi training, fits in nicely with the Mattson Academy program. I really do appreciate your helping make the Mattson Academy better, with all the time and energy spent on this project…I appreciate all the work you are doing with the creation of your Qigong course and for sharing it with the Mattson Academy members.

 I have been practicing the exercises along with you as you are teaching them and am so impressed with your introductory remarks and how your explanations during the exercises help learning the movements and the purpose for the movements. I see so many useful and helpful results for doing the program…“thank you” for the healing advice and process provided to myself and my students.

 -George Mattson, 10th Dan, Head of the Mattson Academy of Uechi-Ryu Karate/ IUKF and Father of Uechi-Ryu Karate in America 

Karen’s communication and people skills are most beneficial to her clients. She is innovative in her teaching methods…. She also understands how to motivate and train men, women and children from five years old to fifty.

-Neil Ehrlich, Master Instructor, American Karate Institute

Karen’s contributions are indicative of her in-depth knowledge of athletic and fitness training. Karen’s personal experiences as an athlete/martial artist tremendously enhance her potential as a superior personal trainer/coach. She is a great role model and leads by example.

-JK Taylor, MFS, Professor, International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA)


I started practicing Uechi-Ryu in 1974 with George Mattson.

When I reached 69 years old and early 70’s the space in between my lower back vertebrae began to shrink producing pain when I wake up or lay down for long periods of time. With your exercises after a couple of minutes the pain goes away. Of course the doctors recommended surgery…I do not want to go under the knives even on a micro surgery.

By practicing your breathing Qigong exercises I was able to reduce the discomfort by 90%. and I am in the middle of the program.

Thank you very much for your excellent program and I highly recommend it not only for older Uechi practitioners but for young ones since breathing is the key for power in strikes and movement. Remaining calm in a tense and dangerous situation is the key to win a combat or neutralize an enemy peacefully. This is only achieved through proper breathing.


-Enrique Mittman, Uechi-Ryu Karate Black Belt since 1980s

Hi Karen

Qigong is now weaved into my daily life, you did good!

Thank you again and please take pride in having done a fantastic course, it honestly has enhanced my life.



-Leo Blinn, Uechi-Ryu Black Belt and Instructor, Nova Scotia, Canada

Hi Karen,

Thank you again for the Qigong lessons. Great stuff. You explain it very well especially the energetics. I really enjoyed it. Practice daily. Mainly the 8 Pieces. Not hard to persevere with your excellent instructional videos…Honestly it is helping a lot with my grounding and alignment in Sanchin. Also my body feels really good.



-Rick Coyle, Uechi-Ryu Black Belt, Nova Scotia, Canada

Hi Karen,

I really appreciate the time and effort that you are putting into the Qigong course. You’re obviously very knowledgeable and passionate about Qigong and it shows. :) I am finding the practice to be challenging...I know the practice is very beneficial and the importance of breathing. Anyway, I do appreciate you teaching this course and sharing your practice with us.

Take care


-Kristin Amirault, Uechi-Ryu 6th Dan Black Belt and Instructor, Nova Scotia, Canada


My name is Stephen Hinchey and I am taking your qigong course. For the past few years I have had an interest in qigong however did not really know where to start. Also, I feel that in uechi ryu we don't really have enough deliberate stretching, breathing, and meditative exercises, and I'm thinking that qigong will really help round out my practice in that respect. Thank you so much for offering and producing this course! I am really enjoying it so far!

UPDATE: After working through the last piece of the 8 Pieces of Brocade Form I wanted to thank you once again for your generosity in providing us with this course and sharing with us your knowledge of qigong.

As I've relayed before, qigong as I'm learning it from your instruction is already proving to be an invaluable practice for my physical and mental well-being. I've visited your website and I'll definitely be recommending your courses to anyone I come across who I feel may similarly benefit.

All the best and thanks again!



-Stephen Hinchey, Uechi Black Belt, St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada

My name is Carlos A. Ruiz, I have been training with the Online Mattson Academy for a year. I was introduced and began Qi Gong practices several months before beginning my Uechi Ryu training. I have been fascinated with the many different practices of Qi Gong and how deep the practice and TCM is. I really enjoyed your lessons, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge…

Becoming an older martial artist has obligated me to accept the natural changes in life in addition to the limitations created by old injuries.  I thought my martial arts training was over until I discovered Qi Gong/Nei Gong and Uechi Ryu Karate.  As you know when in our youth we usually exclusively train and stay in the external zone (unless training with an internal teacher or complete traditional system) but that external zone doesn't last forever. The Qi Gong and Uechi Ryu Karate have given me a new breath of fresh air knowing that I can train and practice into old age. Giving me a missing puzzle into this new stage.

On a side note I really really enjoy your explanations of the energetics. It helps me understand the why which I think increases the intent which I think enhances the practice. 

Thank you for your time,

-Carlos A. Ruiz

Hi Karen,

I look forward to your helpful advice that I incorporate into my daily life...I am currently working on my brown belt in Karate, and yes I am 64 years old.  It will take me quite a while to achieve my black belt, but it is the learning along the way rather than the belt for me.  I am loving it.  I also dance several days a week too and play the piano.  I am a college professor and truly enjoy teaching.  I have lost 45 pounds in the past couple of years, losing it slowly. Thanks for your time, thoughts, and insights that make living even more enjoyable by tweaking my daily routine.

Take care,


-Dolly Flores-Salcido

Thank you Karen for your words of encouragement and uplifting spirit! Please know that you are most appreciated! Continued showers of blessings to you and your family.

-Mary Miller, Professor, Vanderbilt University

Karen I love your program! It has helped me heaps! Worth every penny I was worried at the start because I'm just a student, but like I said worth every penny. I am so glad I invested in it. A lot of the things you talk about are so true....I have done some of the exercises [the Dynamic Energy Routine] and it's been great....I'm just starting out slowly Karen and I'm seeing results already.

-Mark Mullin, Melbourne, Australia

Dear Karen,

I am an MD in Psychiatry practicing in a big hospital in Chandigarh in India. I always advise deep breathing exercise to my patients. They have shown marked improvement with this particular exercise. Thanks for giving this new information.

-Dr. Rajeev Trehan M.D., Psychiatry

I have been having problems related to Lipitor therapy. It is my understanding that many of the exercises you provide through your products are also good for high cholesterol. I desire to stop all medications except that for hypertension. Your product gave me a good start.

Thank you!

-Dolores Hite, Cumberland, MD

Hi Karen,

I want to thank you so much for the information in your products, as well as in your email tips. I am very grateful!! May God bless you for sharing and helping others.
-Liz Green, Tennessee

Dear Karen,

Thank you for your informative site!

-Jesse Clark, Leinster, WA, Australia

I had struggled for years with panic attacks which would occur when I was driving.  Typically they would appear out of the blue while I was driving to work.   I tried calming myself down, talking to myself about how ridiculous it all was, but nothing would seem to work.  On more than one occasion I had to pull off the road and just sit there until it passed. 

I began searching the internet for ways to overcome these attacks and came across the Best Breathing Exercises website.  I began utilizing the breathing techniques when I would feel myself starting to get panicky.   I have to say I was surprised - it worked!  I was able to calm myself down by the way I took in and exhaled my breaths.  I also found that the exercises would help me calm myself before I had to speak publicly.  Thank you Karen for the great information - You have improved my quality of life!

-L. Donegan, Austin, TX 

Dear Karen,

Yoga is part of my life. Really benefited a lot from your breathing exercise programs and tips. I would like to learn more. Best wishes!

-Priya Mahabir, Nottingham, England


Once again, thank you for your timely advice. I suffered a mild stroke. I am told to take my time in my recovery. Thank goodness that I have the dynamic exercise breathing course! I am relearning many simple things, like typing. I have to learn to recover at a slower pace. Which is driving me nuts at age 54.

-Rosalind V. Wooten


I have long been impressed with your messages. Thank you for them. Today’s revelation that the happy worker turns out to be the healthy one was “right on”. Days away from being 91 and in golfing shape, I can use the exercises described and will follow up on that.

Love Your Work!

-Dr. Jack Campbell

Dear Karen,

I have read your newsletters for many months and often thought I would write and thank you, but so many things are not done. I am now in the situation, that I just came home from hospital after bad pneumonia. I believe I am completely cured and enjoy a good convalescence. Only I (being an impatient patient) cannot wait to be back to normal again. Your breathing exercises have helped me and I am grateful.

Yours sincerely,

-Karen Sorensen

Karen, I love ya! My son has gone the longest time without having to be hospitalized. I didn't know anything about asthma until I stumbled across your website. Even though I had it myself, I didn't take it too serious until my son depended on me to get to the cause. You have opened my mind to every avenue there is and for this I am truly grateful. I am no longer in fear of losing my son, I can now sleep more soundly. Thank you for sparing your time to help others, for this I will be eternally grateful.

-Lesley & Leo (my wonderful son!)

Hi Karen,

Thanks for sending the advice in your newsletters and email tips! I have it very interesting and enjoyable to read.

-Jac Jones, England

Hi Karen,

Thanks for your continued efforts to bring relief to those of us who have health issues. You are a blessing to many.


-George Moran, USA

Hi Karen,

I wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year. I appreciate your effort towards health for mankind, across the globe. I am in India, thousands of miles away from you but still get motivated by your information for maintaining good health.

I had minor sinusitis and bronchitis. I used your exercises and tips along with some traditional meditation and it has helped me in overcoming these ailments. I believe all (with no exception) ailments have a psychological cause if one can understand and control the emotions, there won’t be any dis-ease.

Thanks again!

-Satish Dani, India

Thank you for reminding me to focus on the things that are important to me and not the things that don’t do anything positive for me… I suffered from severe PND [post-natal or post-partum depression] and had tried all sorts of things to overcome the terrible feelings and low self-esteem, which is how I found you doing searches on the internet. Your programs did help me, and still do.

-Leila Mutasa, England


I love your approach to life, health, and business. I am thoroughly enjoying the addition of breathing exercises to my daily routine. I felt and continue to feel a change both mentally and physically. This lifestyle is a keeper! FYI: I am sharing your programs and information with as many women as I can. At my age (48), we need a boost. Thank you for providing just that.

-Joyce Vella Maggio, USA


I love your tips. I have had a lot of problems with asthma in the past, and more recently with anxiety – which I thought was an asthma related breathing problem. After discovering that my bad breathing was a result of my anxiety and that I was not REALLY sick, it was an amazing breakthrough for me. I would not have even thought about it but for some of your breathing tips. I learned that the bad breathing created by the anxiety actually causes real physical symptoms. We are such weird and wondrous creatures, aren’t we?

I love you!!

-Pat Ramsey, Kansas City, MO

Thanks for your help, I have 2 sons with asthma. They both play competitive soccer and the dynamic breathing has helped immensely.

-Coley Kane, Hobe Sound, FL

Karen, I just wanted to thank you for the difference your approach and encouragement have made in my life. Two years ago, I gave up on ever being in shape again. Now I am active and have incredible energy. I have lost over 35 pounds and I’m healthier than I’ve been in years. I’m also happier than I’ve been in years!

-Sandy Jones, Fairfax, VA

Thank you, Karen, I have become addicted to your email tips. I now have a separate folder for these for quick reference.

-Hasab A.

Dear Karen,
I was so happy to receive your email! It was like "old-times". When I received it it was that feeling you get coming up to the new year, the feeling of change and determination to renew and better yourself. I am looking forward to your e-mails. Thank you so much, you have indeed made a huge impact.

-Bethany May Keeble, 

This program is incredible! I was a bit skeptical because the exercises seemed too easy. But once I really started breathing into the movements, I feel a rush of energy every time I do them.....I'm motivated now to begin exercising and I know I never would have felt this way if I hadn't found this wonderful program. Thank you!

-Barbara S., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Karen, I am very much enjoying the extensive course you have designed. It is so obvious how you want to help. The breathing [the Dynamic Energy Routine] has already been beneficial to me...Thanks for the wonderful insight that I am sure will lead to a better quality of life for many suffering with asthma.

-Hollis Whitney, Keene, N.H.

I love this program! After several failed attempts at yoga, and thinking that I was just not flexible, I finally threw in the towel and stopped stretching completely. Now I know the right way to stretch. Karen’s method is enjoyable and invigorating. And my body feels better than it has in years…
-Shelley M., Fairfax, VA

Years of martial arts training had taken their toll on my body. My joints were giving me major problems, especially my knees and hips. Even though I thought I knew how to stretch, I realized that I wasn’t getting more flexible, I was getting worse. So I tried Karen’s program. The exercises themselves are not difficult, and many of them are energizing. Within about 10 days, I felt a major difference in my joints, and my legs and lower back are looser than they have been in years…. I recommend this program to anyone, even if you think you know how to stretch. You’ll learn something new.

-Gary R., Frederick, MD

Thanks for sharing this program with me. These exercises are like a jump start to the body....I’ve had a bad back for years, and my job doesn’t help matters. The stretching series really helps me relax and release the tightness and discomfort. I highly recommend this program.

-Quinn K., Rockville, MD

I don't have asthma but I do these exercises on a regular basis. They have helped me improve my breathing and learn more about my body and its capacity. I feel like I have more control and endurance when I am exercising or competing. I have more confidence too....Doing these in the morning gives me a great buzz and I am ready to roll into my day!

-David Manning, Oakton, VA

The Dynamic Breathing exercises have been such a godsend. I had no idea how poorly I was breathing. I am convinced this was a big part of my asthma...After a few weeks I felt like I had control of my breathing again. I was able to begin exercising, starting out with walking and lifting weights...Now I am jogging and have much more stamina. I never would have thought it possible. This sure beats having to use an inhaler 3 times a day, like I was before.

-Lucy Chin, Pasadena, CA

I have tried Buteyko breathing and yoga breathing. This program [Dynamic Energy Routine] kicks their butts... I felt a much bigger improvement in my breathing and asthma after doing these exercises. My energy is through the roof and I haven't had a cold all winter, which is truly noteworthy for me! Thanks for sharing this with me I will use it for the rest of my life.

-John Lenore, New Bern, NC

I was in fairly good shape. I work out regularly and try to watch what I eat. I did Atkins for awhile and lost weight. But I just couldn't seem to lose the last 6 to 8 pounds and reach my goal of seeing my abs. So I tried this program. It totally energized me and I could feel it tightening up my abdominals afer the first day.  It helped me lose the fat around my midsection. I'm happy to report that I can see my abs for the first time since I was a teenager....

-Steve Farrar

This letter is a thank you letter for telling me the steps to cure my asthma... Once I started doing what you advised to cure asthma, I felt much better. I don't know how to thank you.

-S. Mann

I just wanted to say THANK YOU. I don't suffer asthma but I signed up to your newsletter and I believe what you write is really interesting for average people in "normal" health. Keep on all this good stuff!

-Edoardo R., Italy

I used the "Fire Up Your Metabolism" Program for the first time this morning. I really feel a difference already! I just wanted to thank you for producing a helpful product!

-Rebecca Brogan

I wish to commend you for publishing your “Best Breathing” programs. The strategies, approach and specific exercises and information you share are phenomenal. You have really taken a lot of knowledge and experience and captured in an easily understood way. This should be required reading for anyone who has, or suspects they have, asthma.

-Suzanne Noll, New York, NY

I’ve tried just about every puffer, home remedy, as well as some other rather dodgy things to help or cure my asthma. When I was introduced to your program, I was rather worried that this would be another waste of time. Knowing that you had struggled with asthma and developed your approach after feeling the same frustration I did, helped assuage my concerns. Within two weeks of starting the program, I noticed a tremendous improvement in my breathing and decrease in asthma symptoms………. I can’t believe the energy I now have and wonder how I got along without it. I highly recommend the program to anyone serious about getting better and getting on with life.

-Paulina Roberts, London, UK

Karen Van Ness has a masterful way of putting her clients at ease and helping guide them toward a program that will work best for their active lifestyles.  Her expert technique and breadth of knowledge on the subject have helped me bounce back from a number of tough days.  After practicing her proven methods, I always feel renewed and invigorated.  I can't thank you enough, Karen…..... My entire quality of life has changed for the better!

-Kent McLauren, Washington, DC


Just a quick note to thank you for the “Best Breathing” programs and the guidance you have provided.  Your programs offer incredible information that has repeatedly demonstrated its benefits.  You are an outstanding resource, and your experience as an athlete has only worked to strengthen and enhance your expertise in this field.  Your knowledge and advice have helped me to improve my breathing, lose weight, and feel better about myself. 

Thanks again!

-Jeffrey John, Alexandria, VA

After two pregnancies within 7 months of each other, my body had completely changed. I knew I needed to start exercise again. But I didn't have the energy or time to go to the gym on a regular schedule. Out of desperation, I tried the breathing program. I noticed a real difference within the first week.... I did the program faithfully every morning. I lost 25 pounds, dropped 5 inches off my waist, and was able to wear my favorite pair of jeans again. Even more meaningful to me, I have the energy to chase after my kids. I highly recommend this program!

-Lee Leroy, 
Oak Hill, VA

Thank you for the wonderful emails these past couple days.  Exactly what I'm needing to hear to get up and moving.  Yes, busy, goofy at work and so I can so easily slide into the excuses for not exercising.  Yesh!  You are very much appreciated for caring and sharing!

Warmest blessings,

-Judy Datsko

Hello Karen,

I voted for you, and I was taken to the Facebook page asking for my email address and password. I entered both and expected to be taken to a page where I could comment, but it was only a blank page titled "Facebook." The vagaries of Cyberworld. I could have said some good things, such as your ability to write clearly, concisely, and convincingly. I also could have said something about your positive spirit, which all your writings evince.

Take care. I hope you win.

Best wishes,


Hi Karen,

Over the months I've read your notes, I've been inspired to do just a little more for my health.  I haven't yet purchased your program (but will do that tonight), from home.

I've been really impressed by your email comments - they're honest, forthright and also inspiring.  I was particularly touched when I read how much your life has changed by making simple changes.  As my world revolves around timetables, bells, exams and hormonal senior students, I was so pleased to find something that wasn't too time demanding.  Thank you for sharing such simple but highly effective strategies!

So Karen, for the many times you've written good advice, and felt that no one was really listening, I want to thank you... and yes, now that I've started, I think I'll have to keep in contact.

Be well and go well,



Keep up the good Work Karen your a good writer & inspiring...

-Jaime Bowtell

Dear Karen,

I have pushed myself to the limits this winter with exercise and activities, even when I have no energy, I still go to the gym for 90 minutes a day. I even went after a full days riding up in the mountains with my snowmobile. I have gotten very dedicated, and my endurance and breathing is great. Take care, I enjoy your letters, thanks for the time you take to send us the letters.

-Ken Ringland


THANK YOU I appreciate your kindness

In the Energy of Light & LOVE

-Ruben King

Thank you for today's message. It took me a while to get to it to read. But it was just what I needed. I work full time but am trying to build a niche teaching yoga at the same time. I teach at work and have a gig outside work. But it is touch and go.

I often lose steam and feel like I am starting all over again when the "steam" comes back. So thank you for encouraging me to not give up and keep starting over. My hope is to have a niche prepared to share yoga even more extensively when I retire which is a few years from now.

Thanks again

-Cathy Moony

Dear Karen,

I really liked this breathing exercise, and plan to use it often. I found it

relieves stress,and feels good at other times also. Thanks for sharing it.

Your Friend,

-Sharon Callahan

Thank you again for providing us good advices regarding health and exercise. May God make your journey safe and sound and bring you happily to your family.


-Anjum Khanbeejan

Wow - been doing the dynamic energy routine for the last three days - I haven't had this much energy continually for over a decade. I'm truely amazed…

I've just noticed after using your programme for four days that I'm not hungry. Today I've had a couple of small meals but I had to consciously eat as I didn't feel hungry at all.  So weird, has anyone else felt this while doing the exercises? 

Also I woke up 2-3 times earlier than I normally do which is great as I work at a hospital and do a rotating shift which throws my body clock out & I find it hard to wake up & are tired all the time.  This is fantastic!!

-Kristian Townsend, Newcastle, NSW, Australia


First I want to let you know I read your e-mails every day and practice the exercises you send and have great respect for your viewpoint and your sense of balance and tranquility is very contagious.

I don't do Facebook or any of the social networks very much but I appreciate your presence in my life and I hope you will continue to keep me in the loop. I am going to go to your website and order the breathing techniques package and I always forward your e-mails to other stressed out friends of mine who forget about breathing and how important it is for their overall well being.

Thanks again. Keep up the good work.


-Mike Olsen, Long Beach Ca.

Have been practicing your breathing exercises for a month - great help!


-Yen Chang, Piedmont, CA

-Darlene Lutge-Aguis - Brentwood, California

Karen Van Ness has been an inspiration for many years = her emails are so honest and encouraging and just make so much sense while being easy - One can really relate to her honesty - and the situations that she talks about - Thank you for nominating Karen = I am confident that she will be chosen. Thank you again!

-Mildred Fowler

I like this article very much, I find it very true, there is a lot of negative energies in today's society, I find the deep breathing tends to relieve me and helps me get in focus to the things that really matter.

-Tom Byers, Salisbury Composite High School

This is a great ARTICLE AND VERY TRUE.

-Kim Priest

When I am distressed I now remember to breathe. Often it is the only thing I can change about the situation.

-Roger Foord-Evans, Hertfordshire University

I have found your articles on breathing incredibly helpful. I am now hitting my eightieth year and my energy levels have increased enormously finding me taking over three major voluntary roles I wouldn't otherwise have assumed. Thank you Karen and good luck.

-Jenny Gill

I find Karen's regular emails inspiring and uplifting. Generally after I have been on someone's mailing list for a while I find myself looking for and hitting the 'unsubscribe'. Not so in this case - Karen makes so much sense I find myself looking out for them and often rereading them. Thank you.

-Kyle Burgard

Karen's emails and cd's are a great reminder to live and breathe in the moment. We need all of the positive energy we can get in this negativity soaked world!

-Wendy Duch Isom

Karen, What a great topic and post. When I think about my own energy I tap into my breath and make sure that I am energetically 'In" my body. It makes all the difference in the world. When I am grounded, I have the necessary energy to handle all tasks and activities that present for my personal growth.

-Jude Datsko

I so appreciate Karen's writings and gentle but powerful suggestions on how to get "back on track" after a usually self-imposed derailment (sp?). Her deep breathing exercises absolutely work on several levels. 

-Elizabeth D.

I love Karen's optimistic attitude. Her writings have inspired many to effect positive changes in their lives when things appeared to be bleak. Keep on writing and inspiring us!

Maryann Murphy · Spartanburg, South Caroline 

The deep breathing suggestion is a winner.

Hank Wolgast - Atherton High School

This is great advice. I have been a fan of Karen Van Ness since she turned me on to the deep breathing for mental awareness.I am here to tell you that it works! Thank you Karen.

Bernice Kuziola

Karen gives expert advice and makes everything so simple that everyone can follow it.
She deserves all the accolades she gets!

Pieter Meijer - Santa Barbara, California

Great article, fantastic. I have been an admirer of Karen since I bought her book on how to cure asthma through proper breathing.

-Yvonne Mowberry

Inspirational as always Karen. Thank you!

-Charlie Hewitt - Bradford, New Hampshire

You are a Great Inspiration to me and I look forward to your insight, advice and encouragement daily!

-Farid Elassi

I have always found Karen's advice useful and inspiring.

-Barbara Sharp Schwartztrauber - Baltimore, MD

I like Karen's article she has many good suggestions I thank you Karen and good luck.

-Gayle Wagner & Grace Caldwell · Atkins, Arkansas 

I love Karen's positive and helpful articles. They always inspire me.

-Moe Brosnan - Boulder, Colorado

Excellent tidbit of advice and so easy for those of us constantly on the go.

-Carole Musser

As always, good thinking!

-Paul Graham Thorley - Sheffield

Good worke

-John Macdonald:

I am asthmatic and Karen’s e-mails have been very helpful with regard to breathing difficulties and keeping my cup half full.


I like it. I would describe myself as a normally positive person, but right now I’ve had it with all the crap going on. I hope this works! Thanks….

-Ethne Ririe:

Great article! Karen’s emails are such an inspiration to read. Good Luck, I hope you win.



-Helen Bedford:

I like Karen’s entry. Karen is such an inspiration to so many people with her words of wisdom, publications and breathing techniques. She has helped me tremendously to achieve goals. Negativity is such a useless attitude and as Karen says deep breathing can soon dispel these feelings.
Thanks Karen – you deserve to win.


yea its a cool and wonderful stuff keep it up and may God enlighten and strengthen you …Amen

-Manjit Bajwa:

Very good Article Karen! Good luck.