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Session Rates and Payment

For your convenience, you may pre-pay your appointment and reserve your one-on-one time.

When booking your session, you can use our convenient Book Appointment form or contact us by Email or Phone (512-267-3915). We will confirm your appointment and session amount.

You can make a payment with your credit card by selecting the session type you would like below and clicking on the "Buy Now" button. You will be taken to PayPal's website, where you can complete the payment safely and securely. You can use a credit card or your PayPal account to complete payment. (Note: Your credit card charge will appear as Resilient Edge Wellness LLC.)   If you have scheduled an in-person session and wish to pay with cash or a check, you may pay at the time of treatment.

NOTE: Once we meet and develop your customized treatment or coaching plan, we will create a packaged program for you which often results in discounts on services, versus paying for individual sessions!

 Session Types and Rates

New Patient Evaluation Session and Treatment: $250

This in-depth session is for new clients or clients who have not been seen for more than six months OR who have a new issue. This session will be 1.5 to 2 hours in length depending on the complexity of your condition. Prior to the appointment, we will send you the New Patient Questionnaire and Diary which provide information that we will review together in our first meeting. Our time together will include intake, initial evaluation, and instruction on breathing, movement, and nutrition steps to begin healing. Our time together may also include a medical qigong treatment and/or development of a customized treatment protocol. 


Medical Qigong / Energetic Treatment and Consultation: $100

This session includes medical Qigong treatment and related modalities along with consultation related to acute or chronic health challenges you may be dealing with or have dealt with over time. Our objective is a transformation from chronic challenges to feeling good again. We cover physical, mental/emotional, and even spiritual areas (if you choose) to support healing on all levels and in a holistic manner. Consultation may include Qigong exercise and/or breathwork prescriptions, suggestions on nutrition and supplements, and recommendations on lifestyle changes. Ongoing medical Qigong treatments which are part of your prescribed program (after your initial evaluation) can be bundled at a cheaper rate. We use different modalities including Qi massage, medical Qigong, cupping, and far infrared heat therapy. You’ll leave feeling “good all over” and re-energized yet grounded and calm.

Sports Medicine / Pain Treatment Session: $85

This type of session is for more acute incidents of injury or pain / discomfort and does not require an initial evaluation. It may include medical Qigong / energy treatment, Qi massage and acupressure, far infrared heat therapy, and/or inversion. We will also provide education on ways to stretch and move to promote healing and help prevent future injury.


 Qigong and Breathwork Lessons: $60 per hour

Qigong (Ch’i Kung) is an ancient form of energy exercise which combines breathing, specific movement patterns, and visualization into a powerful practice that helps you ease stress, center yourself, and improve your health and internal energy. You will be introduced to specific exercises and forms that comprise a proven health and energy cultivation method impacting body, mind, and spirit. Instruction is tailored to meet your specific needs, whether you are new to Qigong and Breathwork or have some experience and would like to go deeper in your practice.


Fitness Coaching and Consultation: $60 per hour

Our approach to exercise and wellbeing integrates your body, mind, and spirit, giving you better results in less time than with conventional exercise programs. We leverage time-tested principles and techniques from the martial arts and ancient energy disciplines along with modern, proven training strategies, as well as recommendations on nutrition and supplementation. We tailor a program specifically for YOU, based on your goals and where you are now in your fitness and health journey.


Personal Power and High-Performance Coaching: $150 per hour

Combines proven, effective goal setting, productivity, and resilience practices, development of high-performance habits, and wisdom from ancient Eastern and Western practices. You will discover how to integrate the physical, mental / emotional, and spiritual into daily habits that help you become more effective, set more meaningful priorities, and get better organized and focused. Coaching sessions typically involve a one-hour session per week (or agreed-upon frequency) along with super-helpful worksheets (homework) and additional resources.